Demo Hearing Centre - Amsler Grid Test

Screen Calibration

We will need to calibrate your screen first so that your visual acuity test is as accurate as possible

Amsler Grid Test

Amsler Grid Test Result

Left Eye Right Eye

Detail report request

TeTo will send you a detail report of your vision test result in PDF format.
  • Cover Left Eye
  • Glasses: wear your reading glasses if you normally use them.
  • Distance: 10 inches away from screen
  • Focus on the white dot in the middle of the grid
  • Click on the button if you see any distortion (wavy, dim, irregular or fuzzy) on the grid. Then select the area(s) of distortion. see tutorials
  • Click on the button IF you cannot find any distortion or irregular line/box in the grid
Does the grid above have any distortion?

Please select the area where distortion occurs and then click the "Distortion area selected" button when done

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